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THE RUNAWAY GAME is a hypertext novel you can read on your computer. You are the main character. In chapter one, you run away from home. At key moments throughout the story, you make tough survival decisions young people on the streets face every day: Will I eat out of a dumpster? Will I rob somebody? Am I willing to sell my body to eat?

At each turning point, you make a choice, click on it, and jump to a new chapter to see what happens next. Each decision brings a different experience, a new set of complications, and another decision a few pages away when the hunger pangs return. The choices you make determine how the story unfolds. There are more than 20 possible endings.

When you reach the end of one story path and find yourself HIV-positive, or dead from an overdose, or shuffling the streets of skid row as an adult homeless addict, you can go back to the beginning and see what might have happened if you'd made different choices. That's a luxury kids who are on the streets for real don't have.

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play the game right now. The entire text is free here on this site. To send THE RUNAWAY GAME to a friend or use it as a tool for group discussion, you can get it in paperback form. Click on the buy the book link for more information.
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