You sit in your living room silently enduring your folks' anger. "You drove me crazy looking for you! What was going though your head when you did a stupid thing like that?"

You have mixed emotions about the whole thing. Actually, the strongest thing you feel right now is a tremendous need to go to the bathroom. You haven't gone in a while. But you're afraid that your folks will think you're disrespecting them by getting up in the middle of their speech. And you're worried that they might think you're only saying you're going to the bathroom so you can jump out the window and run away again. Well, it doesn't look like there's much of an end in sight to this speech, so you simply ask if you can go. They "harumpf" and wave you off.

Alone in the bathroom, you think about what you've done and what it means. Well, by running away you've made it very clear to your folks that you're not too happy with the way things are right now in your life. Just because you came home doesn't mean everything is perfect here. It means you decided it was safer here than being out there on your own without a place to stay ... today.

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