You sort of shrug your shoulders and drag your stuff back inside. You return to your room and slowly take things out of your bag and put them away. The clothes go back into your drawers. Other things go back to the places they occupied a few minutes ago.

You turn out the light and hurl yourself onto your bed. You feel like you want to cry, but you don't cry. You feel like you want to kill yourself, but you know you won't. You felt like running away, but you didn't go.

Part of you believes you did the right thing, but another part feels like an absolute loser. You weren't brave enough to take the risks. You weren't strong enough to leave behind your room, your bed, dinner with your folks and school.

Well, maybe you will stay, but things are going to change. Maybe you'll stop talking to the people you live with. Or you'll be a big pain all of the time.

Maybe you'll go to slee ?

You wake up in bed with all your clothes on. It's morning.

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